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Arlo camera is another best device from Netgear. There are various cameras manufactured by the Netgear Arlo such as Arlo ultra, Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2, base station, and more. All the latest features of the Arlo cameras are accessed by using Arlo device will record the HD video recording for 1 week and after a week, it will delete all the recordings. Arlo comes with the easy setup and installation process. Arlo setup can be done through the Netgear Arlo app. There is no need to mess with any wires as cables as Arlo camera setup is wire free. In case, you wish to change the settings of the Arlo device for better experience then you need to access the Arlo camera login page.

Set up Arlo Base Station to Access

  •   Place the Arlo base station near to the main router.
  •   Plug in the base station to the power source and turn on the device.
  •   Connect the internet port of the base station to the LAN port of the router with the Ethernet cable. 
  •   Wait for the power ad internet LEDs to turn on online slot games.

If you face any issues during the installation then do not worry. You can troubleshoot Arlo base station yourself. Follow the expert’s advice.

Steps for Arlo Camera Setup via

It is easy to set up the Arlo camera using the web browser method. You can also use the Arlo camera log in app to perform the Arlo camera setup process. Have a look at the below steps to know how to setup Arlo Pro camera:

  • Use a wireless device such as computer, smartphone, or tablet to create the Arlo account. 
  • To add Arlo cameras, visit
  • Next screen appears, click on the ‘New to Arlo’ tab.
  • Fill in the form to create the Arlo setup account.
  • Sign in to Arlo account and add your Arlo device. 
  • Press the Sync button for 3 seconds on the Arlo base station. Simultaneously, press the sync button on the Arlo camera. 
  • The Ring LED will blink blue on the camera that means the camera is synced successfully. 

If you have any issues related to the Arlo security system setup then contact our technicians.

How Can I Create a New Mode on my Arlo Pro 2 Camera ?

Have a look at the below steps to know how to create a new mode and manage them on the Arlo camera.

  • Open the web browser and type

    •   Perform the Arlo login process using the default username and password. 
    •   Once you press Login, you will reach at the settings page.
    •   On this page, click on the ‘Modes’ option and the list of modes displays. 
    •   Next, click the ‘Add’ button and enter a new name for the mode. Click ‘Save’ to save new mode.

    In case, you can’t access the Arlo Netgear login page

How to register and sign in to Arlo account ?

To get the best experience of the Arlo cameras it is important to register for an Arlo security system setup. Go through the below steps to register for an Arlo account. Before you create the account, install the base station. You can sign in to Arlo account either through the Arlo app or a computer. Install the Arlo mobile application from a Google play store or Apple store.

  • Launch a browser and visit

  • Click on the ‘Arlo new system setup’ button. Fill in all the required information and click Continue.

  • Select you time zone, service plan, etc.

  • Your Arlo login account has set up successfully.

How to reset Arlo Pro 2 Camera to the factory defaults ?

If you cannot view or sync Arlo camera then reset the device to the factory defaults. Before you perform the factor reset, please note that it will erase all the settings and the serial number of your Arlo camera. Follow the below steps to reset the Arlo base station. Make sure the Arlo camera and the base station is power on during the process.

  • Find the reset button on the Arlo device.
  • Take a paper clip to press the reset button.
  • Press and hold the reset button with the paper clip for about 10-20 seconds.
  • When the LEDs on the base station starts blinking amber, release the reset button.
  • The Arlo device reboots automatically when the amber light stops blinking.
  • Once the reset process is completed, reconfigure the Arlo camera once again using above steps.

In case, you face any issues in resetting the Arlo camera or base station, try troubleshooting the issues yourself. Contact our experts and follow their advice. Dial a toll-free o. to contact them or do a live chat through a live chat window.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to the Arlo Pro Camera

Query: How can I firmware update on Arlo Pro camera?

Answer: Access the Arlo login page with the username and password. 

  •   Check for the firmware updates during the Arlo camera setup.
  •   If any update is available, it will display on the computer’s screen.
  •   During the Arlo firmware update, the LEDs on the device blinks amber or blue. 
  •   Launch the Arlo camera log in app and go to the settings.
  •   Select the camera you want to update and click on the Firmware option.
  •   Next, click the Update button and wait for the firmware update to complete. 

Query: How to record live videos on Arlo Pro?

Answer: Follow the steps below to record clips from live video on a computer or a mobile device:

  •   If you have a computer then visit the default login address.
  •   If you are using the smartphone then install the Arlo app.
  •   Enter the username and password on the Arlo Netgear login page. 
  •   Click Login to access the Arlo new system setup.
  •   Tap on the ‘Live’ in the camera feed image. 
  •   Next, click the ‘Record video’ option. Once recorded, the clips saved in the library.

Query: How do I change my username and password on Arlo Pro 2?

Answer: Log in with the username and password to the Arlo interface. 

  •   On the homepage of the Arlo device, click the ‘Settings’ tab.
  •   Click the ‘Profile’ button under the ‘Account’ option.
  •   Next, a profile page appears on the screen.
  •   Now, click on the ‘Edit’ tab and change the login details such as username and password. 
  •   Click ‘Done’ and save the settings.

For more queries related to the Arlo Camera, dial our toll-free no. Our technicians are available to assist you 24*7. You can also do a live chat through a live chat window.